The Imprisoned God

A fantasy fiction series by Todd A. Phillips

The series comprises:

What is Reality?

That is a question that we never seem to ask, but it is one that consumes the lives of Charlie and Melissa as they strive to be reunited.

Charlie is an aspiring author, and Melissa is his loving wife. Although they believe they are beginning a lifetime together like any other married couple, they soon discover that they somehow have the power of creation. As Charlie writes about fantasy worlds and adventurers struggling to overcome evil, and Melissa reads his stories, somehow they become real. They have created new worlds filled with people and events, while unaware of their deeds.

One fateful night, they realize what they have done. Charlie is attacked by a mysterious Shadowed Man, landing him in the hospital. Melissa wakes up to find herself trapped in one of the worlds that Charlie created. Now she has to learn to harness the power they have to win her way through all of the obstacles placed in her way by the Shadowed Man, the only way that she can be reunited with her beloved husband.

Meet the Author

Hi there, I'm Todd Phillips and I am the creative force behind the Imprisoned God.

I am a technical writer by profession, and have been since 1995. I have been a fan of science fiction and fantasy fiction since I was a kid, so it seems natural that I would gravitate toward these genres when I began writing my own stories.

I currently live in Marysville, Washington with my wife and son and our evil dog genius. In my free time (what little I have) I like to get out with my camera and capture shots of wildlife or landscapes. I also love to get on the air with my ham radio to listen and sometimes talk with people all over the world.